Alfaholics Production Early to Late Gearbox Synchromesh Conversion Kit

£1,525.00 GBP (ex vat)


Full kit of parts to convert an early (101 & early 105) non-molybdenum synchromesh “yellow label” gearbox to later improved molybdenum coated synchros as per late “red label” gearboxes. Full set of all Alfaholics produced premium quality components, including synchro rings, synchro sleeves, brake straps, reference sectors and brake sectors for all 5 gears. A great upgrade when rebuilding any early gearbox with grooved synchos.

  • cat_race_parts_105: 105/115
  • 105-115-spider: 105/115 Spider
  • cat_race_parts_750: 750/101
  • cat_std_parts_105_all: All 105/115 Series
  • filter_book_mechanical_gearbox_internal: Gearbox Internal
  • cat_race_parts: Race Parts
  • cat_standard_parts: Standard Parts
  • cat_transmission: Transmission
  • filter_transmission_gearbox: Transmission Gearbox
  • filter_transmission_gearbox_bearings: Transmission Gearbox Bearings