Alfaholics Late to Step Front GT Conversion Kit

£3,250.00 – £4,995.00 GBP (ex vat)


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Full kit of parts to convert a late non step-front GT body shell to step front exterior appearance. Kit price built around a fibreglass bonnet, but you have the option for either a carbon fibre or aluminium bonnet upgrade. Kit includes:-

  • Alfaholics bonnet (choice of fiberglass, carbon or aluminium)
  • Alfaholics front wing corner repair sections
  • Radiator cross member
  • Front panel
  • Bonnet hinging panel
  • Headlights for LHD or RHD (please specify when ordering)
  • Headlight bowls
  • Headlight support panels
  • Headlight finishing rings
  • Early sidelight units
  • Early repeater units
  • cat_std_parts_105_coupe: 105/115 Coupe
  • cat_race_parts_gta: 1300 & 1600 GTA
  • filter_panels_front: Front
  • filter_panels_outer: Outer panels
  • cat_panels: Panels
  • cat_race_parts: Race Parts
  • cat_standard_parts: Standard Parts