Alfaholics Bluetooth Audio Sound System

£625.00 – £750.00 GBP (ex vat)

ELC126 | ELC126/PS

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New and improved for 2018. This kit now contains high quality speakers that are even more in keeping with the interior aesthetics of a classic Alfa. We have retained the same, proven high quality amplifier, Bluetooth receiver and remote level control as before. Thus ensuring this kit functions as well as it always has proven to.

We have built this kit as a superb way to install high-quality audio into your car without the need to have a head unit in the dashboard. It wirelessly connects by Bluetooth to your smartphone to stream music in the same way that modern production cars do. The Bluetooth receiver feeds the signal to a high quality 4 channel amplifier which powers a pair of high quality 4” speakers and a pair of high quality 6” speakers.

All the components can be mounted hidden under the dash or in the boot, resulting in a completely concealed installation of the major components and only the small black volume knobs mounted in the dashboard or footwell.

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