Sprint GTV (Fast Road)

Our Swiss customer brought us a recently bought standard Sprint GTV which was mechanically & electrically showing its age and asked us to make a full mechanical renovation and upgrade to the car to make it a suitable European touring and Alpine pass fun car whilst keeping the car looking standard and original on the outside. Our build specification was as follows:-

  • Original matching numbers engine fully rebuilt to 165BHP specs with overbore forged pistons, steel rods, ported & polished big valve head, original DCOE 27 carbs bored out to match, lightweight flywheel, windage tray, high capacity oil pump
  • Gearbox fully rebuilt with our competition quality components
  • Axle fully rebuilt and uprated with our fast road LSD and race quality halfshafts
  • Brakes fully rebuilt, 4-pot front brake & braided hoses upgrade
  • Alfaholics Stage 3 fast road suspension package
  • Alfaholics GTA-R PCB & wiring loom package
  • Alfaholics aluminium radiator with integrated oil cooler brackets & electric fan
  • Alfaholics s/s sports exhaust with tubular manifolds
  • New Alfaholics steering box with billet casing
  • Alfaholics 5.5×15″ magnesium TZ wheels with original S1 hubcaps

The resulting car was really fantastic, a visually understated yet incredibly capable and agile fast road car, certainly one of our favourite builds!

 - Sprint GTV (Fast Road)
 - Sprint GTV (Fast Road)
 - Sprint GTV (Fast Road)
 - Sprint GTV (Fast Road)