Giulia Ti (Fast Road)

This Giulia was sent to us as a standard spec car by a long standing American customer for whom we have done 3 previous restorations of very historically significant cars. He wanted the Ti to have something more day to day useable than his Autodelta homologation cars and wanted to retain a reasonably standard look to the car whilst having a very potent mechanical upgrade package; thus creating the ultimate “Sleeper” Giulia.

Our upgrade package included:-

  • Alfaholics PCB Fuse & Relay Board
  • Alfaholics GTA-R wiring loom
  • Alfaholics 210BHP 2100cc (94mm Long stroke crank) Nord engine running 45mm Webers and 123 dizzie
  • Alfaholics close ratio lightweight gearkit and race grade synchro & bearing kit
  • Alfaholics race propshaft
  • Alfaholics LSD rear axle with lightweight halfshafts
  • Alfaholics 6-pot Superleggera GTA-R brake package with dual circuit bias adjustable pedal box
  • Alfaholics GTA-R 290 suspension package with titanium suspension fastener kit
  • Alfaholics 7×15″ ET35 GTA Superleggera wheels with Michelin tyres
  • Alfaholics high performance aluminium radiator and oil cooler pack, mesh inner headlight pack for increased air flow
  • Alfaholics lightweight heated windscreen
  • Alfaholics GTA-R Steering wheel & boss package
  • Alfaholics carbon bonnet & bootlid

These fully tweaked fast road Giulias just make the most entertaining & engaging car to drive, we have such a soft spot for them!

 - Giulia Ti (Fast Road)
 - Giulia Ti (Fast Road)
 - Giulia Ti (Fast Road)
 - Giulia Ti (Fast Road)
 - Giulia Ti (Fast Road)
 - Giulia Ti (Fast Road)