Sprint GT Track Day Car

A long standing French customer brought us his Sprint GT track day car to have an Alfaholics competition spec 1600 GTA twin plug engine built and installed, along with a GTA aluminium radiator and oil cooler system.  The car had already been upgraded with many Alfaholics parts while in France, as well as being converted to GTA styling.

The final specification for the engine was 175BHP with superb driveability for both road and track use.  It pulls cleanly and strongly with full throttle from 2,000rpm all the way through to the red line at 8,000rpm. We assembled the engine with the following components:-

  • Alfaholics 1600 race crank
  • Alfaholics 1600 I-beam steel rods
  • Alfaholics forged 78.8mm pistons
  • Alfaholics aluminium crank pulley
  • Alfaholics race paddle clutch kit
  • Original diecast GTA head with Alfaholics race valve gear and Alfaholics rifle drilled billet cams
  • Alfaholics magnesium cam cover
  • Alfaholics complete 1600 GTA distributor
  • Alfaholics race GTA HT leads
  • 45mm Webers with special Alfaholics modifications to improve mixture stability throughout the rev range (key to the full driveability we achieved)
  • GTA 90 degree rampipes

Other parts fitted during the upgrade include:-

  • Full Alfaholics s/s sports exhaust with race under axle conversion
  • Alfaholics 50A race alternator
  • Alfaholics aluminium GTA radiator
  • Alfaholics aluminium GTA oil cooler
  • Alfaholics aluminium GTA radiator/oil cooler surround
 - Sprint GT Track Day Car
 - Sprint GT Track Day Car
 - Sprint GT Track Day Car
 - Sprint GT Track Day Car