Car sourced and shipped

Step-front GT’s have become increasingly difficult to find in the UK, especially in a condition suitable for a good quality restoration. It is now necessary to cast one’s net further afield to find these cars. Europe is one option, but unless you get close to the Mediterranean there is little advantage over UK cars in terms of corrosion, even then they are left hand drive cars, which although technically simple to convert, RHD dashboards are extremely difficult to find. South Africa is the obvious warm climate right hand drive market, but it is a long way to go to buy a car!

During a recent trip to South Africa, I took the opportunity of looking at this 1967 Giulia Sprint GTV that was for sale in Pretoria. It appeared to be completely rust free, preserved by the warm dry climate, but showed evidence of repaired accident damage to the right front corner. Bearing in mind that I was looking for a step-front to turn into a civilised fast road and trackday car, I was unconcerned by the non original engine (Giulia Super) and incorrect interior (Mk1 1750 GTV). Most interesting was the lack of body rust or floor welding. An added bonus was an unspoilt dashboard that also had not suffered from the usual sun damage.

Shipping of the vehicle was arranged in Durban and the car duly turned up at Southampton docks, fortunately showing no signs of transit damage!

Over the coming months, we shall chart the progress of the restoration of the car in this section of the website.

Car arrives back safely to Alfaholics Workshop from Southampton Docks

Looks like a nice straight shell!

Engine Bay with plate proving South African manufacture

Non-original interior, but good dashboard