Junior Zagato (Fast Road)

Our customer brought us his nice Junior Zagato which had already been slightly modified with 1750 engine and a handling package, wanting us to really bring out the best in his JZ for weekend blasts and occasional trackday use. We upgraded the car withthe following components:-

  • Alfaholics 183BHP 2.0 Nord engine running our long alu carb mounts, 45mm Webers and our remapped electronic points distributor
  • Alfaholics lightweight flywheel and sport clutch kit
  • GTA curved rampipes with socks and Alfaholics 1 litre oil catch tank
  • Alfaholics full s/s exhaust with special new tailpipe for 1300 JZ fitment
  • Alfaholics aluminium Spider/JZ radiator with oil cooler fitment, race oil cooler and full Alfaholics silicone water hose kit
  • Alfaholics electric fan kit with thermostatic relay controller
  • Alfaholics trackday ‘Blue’ suspension kit
  • Alfaholics 7×15″ GTA Veloce wheels with Yokohama Neova 195/55 tyres
  • Bespoke made competition rear prop section with oversize HD UJs to replace badly rebuilt original unit
  • Alfaholics screw type brake bias adjuster
 - Junior Zagato (Fast Road)
 - Junior Zagato (Fast Road)
 - Junior Zagato (Fast Road)