1968 Trackday GT Junior

A long term Alfaholics customer and friend brought his trackday GT Junior to us for a freshen up after his car had an altercation with a wild boar in Germany last year! This incident was the perfect excuse to book his very rapid Alfaholics equipped car in for a partial strip down to repaint the body and under the engine bay. During panel straightening, we converted his front wheel arches to GTA specification flares as requested.  Whilst doing the reassembly we made the same modifications as we do on our GTA-R cars to hide the under bonnet wiring & fit race quality reservoirs. He also opted to take weight off his car by fitting our fibreglass bonnet & bootlid, lightweight headlamp bowls and polycarbonate crystal headlamps and our GTA sliding window kits. Living in London he requested we design a locking mechanism for the windows so we devised a very neat and simple solution using GTA quarterlight catch handles. We made new door cards, converting to GTA specification inner door furniture including our new woven GTA inner door closing straps. Our TS GTAm cam cover in burgundy  beautifully finishes off his under bonnet revamp!

1968 Trackday GT Junior 1968 Trackday GT Junior 1968 Trackday GT Junior 1968 Trackday GT Junior 1968 Trackday GT Junior