Restoration By Richard Banks 1984-1986

On the fourth of April 1984, I had the good fortune to buy two GTCs on that same day! Chassis number 760050, a red car, although in need of restoration, was up and running and I was able to drive it home and sell it fully restored at the end of the year.

C/N 760050, when owned by David Willoughby, on display at the Guard’s Polo Ground, Windsor, as part of Alfa Romeo’s 75th Anniversary celebrations in the summer of 1985.

1966 Giulia GTC - Restoration By Richard Banks 1984-1986

The other car was white and carried chassis number 760087. Although externally extremely rusty, having sat outside in the orchard of its third owner for a number of years, it was exactly what I had been looking for! Today’ s expression would be ‘Ticking all the boxes’.

The car had been rustproofed from new and all the structures were good. Boot and engine bay were rustfree and really only the outer body panels needed changing and of course I had access to all those.

Colour was important and white, in my opinion, has always been the most elegant colour for a GTC. I would have preferred a red interior like the original press photographs, but the grey interior was in perfect condition, except for the carpets. The speedo was indicating 32,808
miles, supported by a fully stamped up service book with the last entry at 31,076 miles on 2nd June 1977 from the local Alfa Romeo Dealer. Mainly due to the good structure, original colour and the mileage, this was definitely the car I wanted to restore and keep for myself!

The Project!

1966 Giulia GTC - Restoration By Richard Banks 1984-1986

I trailered it home and it would be a further three years before I would finally finish the project! In the meantime I had restored three other GTCs, C/N 760050, 760098 and 760003 as part of my business. Talk about whetting the appetite! I had previously restored chassis number 760062 so was fully aware of the three different versions of chassis strengthenings undertaken by Touring of Milan and how the cars drove as a result.

Having striped the car to a bare shell, I delivered the car to my paintshop who carried out the entire bodywork restoration. This comprised fitting new original Alfa Romeo outer body panels and re-skinning of the original bootframe. (The GTC has a bigger boot lid than the GT. All RHD cars had steel skins on an extended GT frame whereas early LHD had an aluminium frame and skin stamped with the Touring body number) All joints were leaded and the car repainted throughout in original Bianco Spino (AR 013).

G & G Sergent made the mohair hood, subtley lowering the rear hoop to give the car a sportier profile and made new grey Wilton carpets.

The engine was rebuilt to standard specification with new pistons and liners and the gearbox overhauled. The brakes were converted to 2 litre ATE (the original Dunlop parts retained with the car).

After completion of restoration in 1986!

1966 Giulia GTC - Restoration By Richard Banks 1984-1986 1966 Giulia GTC - Restoration By Richard Banks 1984-1986