Restoration Completed

The restoration of this magnificent original Autodelta GTA Corsa, AR 613102 (reg B 39776 MI) is completed and the car has been returned to its exact 1966 Autodelta specification in ever detail down to the last nut & bolt. Great care has been taken to not over restore the car; its original never re-trimmed seats, floor mats and steering wheel showing age & patina have been refitted rather than re-trimming components to make everything look ‘perfect’. We even managed to find a genuine 1966 manufactured Dunlop Racing tyre to fit on the spare wheel in the boot, and new old stock DS11 racing brake pads, just like it used in 1966. Once assembled, we followed the original Autodelta ‘Prova sheet’ specifications for suspension geometry, brake and engine settings, to ensure that the car drives exactly as it did in 1966 when Jochen Rindt and his team mates drove this car to its victories in the ETCC season. We literally cannot wait to drive this car!!!

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