The Fabulous History!

During its first 10 years racing from 1966 to 1976, this car competed in no less than 118 races, winning its class 41 times and scoring 12 outright race victories, making it possibly the most successful 1600 GTA in German national race history. Its most successful year was 1974 when the car was driven by Dieter Meyer for Stahlberg Racing and it won the German Touring Car Championship, known then as the DRP. During its 1974 & 1975 seasons, it was sponsored by Medley Bourbon Whiskey and ran in the unique and eye catching “Stars & Stripes” livery.

This car has competed and won in every specification in which GTAs were ever raced and consequently offers a fascinating insight into the development and progression of the infamous GTA throughout those years. It started its race career in 1966 as a Group 2 1600, was upgraded to fuel injection in 1968, followed by a switch to Group 4 specification in 1970, before being converted to 1300 narrow angle 8v widebody specification for 1974. In 1975 it received its final modifications; namely the newly developed, extremely rare and expensive 16v ‘Piccolo’ head (featuring Spica slide injection, magnesium inlet manifold and special 8 port exhaust manifold) and Alfetta Watts linkage to replace the troublesome sliding block arrangement. The car, as it stands today, in this ultimate specification in which it finished its Stahlberg career in 1976 and is dripping with Autodelta special components! It even still has its original ONS logbook from 1969-1973, which fully documents all the car’s owners, drivers and races entered.

The story of Stahlberg Racing in German racing history is so significant and well documented that the authors of the new Alleggerita books chose to compile a separate book, dedicated to Stahlberg Racing, The ‘Alleggerita Stahlberg Racing’ book charts the rise of the team from the early 1960s, through to the pinnacle of their success in winning the 1974 DRP with this carThis book is available through the normal Alleggerita channel:-

First History

  • Manufactured 4th August 1965, sold on 14th September 1965 to Alfa Romeo VertriebsgmbH, Frankfurt, Germany
  • 25th February 1966 sold by Alfa Romeo VertriebsgmbH to X, Neuenburg, Germany
  • 4th March 1966, Alfa Romeo VertriebsgmbH lists AR 613834 as part of full factory recall of 1600 GTAs to have magnesium front timing chest replaced with aluminium part. The magnesium front covers had been recalled by Alfa Romeo due to water corrosion.


  • July 31st ADAC Bergrennen um den Bergpokal, Freiburg, n.130, 7:47.19min – 2nd Cl
  • August 7th ADAC Bergpreis, Ulm, 1st Cl
  • September 10-11th Int. ISCC Rheinland Bergpreis, n.77, 3:48.7min, 4th Cl
  • September 17-18th ADAC Sudelfeld Bergrennen, Bayrischzell, 2nd Cl
  • October 2nd ADAC Bergpreis Schwalbische, Neuffen, 2nd Cl


  • April 2nd -3rd Int. DMV Krahberg-Rennen, Odenwald, n.69, 2 heats, 2nd Cl/3rd Cl
  • April 8-9th ADAC Bergpreis Heilbronner, 1st Cl
  • April 16th ADAC Slalom Offenburg, Oberrheinhalle, 7th Cl
  • April 23rd Int.AvD-MHSTC-Bergrennen, Eberbach, 4:34.6min, 3rd Cl
  • April 30th ADAC Slalom, Freiburger, 1stOA, 1stCl
  • May 1st Int. AvD Slalom, Mannheim, n.71, 1st Cl
  • May 21st Course de Cote de Wissembourg, 1st Cl
  • June 25th Course de Cote de Turckheim Les Trois Epis, (MUL-P 2), 1st Cl
  • July 1st ADAC Bergprufung Vogelbach (MUL-P 2) 1st Cl
  • July 15-16th ADAC Bergrennen, Eussertal, n.55, 6:59.4min, 2nd Cl
  • July 30th ADAC Bergrennen um den Bergpokal, Freiburg, n.170, 7:02.41, 1st OA, 1st Cl
  • Sept 9-10th Int AvD-MHSTC-100mls von Hockenheim, n.513, 6th OA, 5th Cl, 2nd Cl
  • September 16-17th ADAC Rallye, Waldkirch, 4th Cl
  • Sept 30th-October 1st Int AvD Preis von Hockenheim, n.169, DNA/DNS
  • October 7th ADAC Bergprufung, Klettgau, 1st Cl
  • October 14th ADAC Bergprufung, Sackingen, 1st Cl


  • March 31st HMSC-Taunus-Bergprufung, Lorch am Rein, ran out of fuel DNF
  • April 6th-7th Int DMV-Krahberg-Rennen, n.182 Feyock Racing Team, 4:35.8min, 1st Cl/1st Cl/1st Cl
  • Injection Installed
  • April 20th-21st ADAC Bergpreis, Heilbronner, n.47, 1st Cl
  • April 28th Int. MHSTC Bergrenner, Eberbach, n.153, 3.:57.6, 1st Cl
  • May 19th Course de Cote de Wissembourg, 1st Cl
  • May 25th FMC Bergprufung, Freiburg, 1st Cl
  • June 9th Int. Alpen Bergpreis, Rossfeld, n.125, DNA/DNS
  • June 16th Int. DMV Rein-Pokal-Rennen, Hockenheim, n.11, 4th OA, 1st Cl
  • July 6th ADAC Bergprufung, Vogelbach, 1st Cl
  • July 28th Int. ADAC Bergpreis, Freiburg, n.68 (MUL-P 2), 18:49.57, 6th Cl
  • August 10-11th Nat.Schweizerisches Rundstreckenrennen, Preis von Hockenheim, n.19, 12th grid, 2nd Cl
  • September 22nd ADAC Bergprufung ‘Kalter Wangen’, 1st Cl
  • September 29th Course Cote de Sewen-Lac d’Alfeld, n.79 (MUL-P 2), 1st OA, 1st Cl
  • October 5-6th ADAC Eggberg Rennen, Sackingen, 1st OA, 1st Cl


  • February 13th, Freiburg – ONS Inspection, 760KG
  • February 19th, Received ONS logbook
  • March 1st Autoslalom Neuenburg, not classified
  • March 23rd DMV Bergpreis Zotzenbach im Odenwald, n.120, not classified

SOLD to Hans-Heinrich Stahlberg, Hamburg – 23.04.1969


  • May 10-11th Int. AvD Flugplatzrennen Fassberg-Celle, n.93, Werner Buls, 25:21.4min, 7th OA, 4p Deutsche Automobil-Rundstreckenmeisterschaft (DRM from here forward)
  • May 17-18th ADAC Harz Bergpreis, Werner Buls, 4th Cl
  • May 25th Nordischer Autoslalom, Lubeck-Blankensee, Werner Buls, 1st Cl
  • June 1st Rennslalom Langenhagener Spirale, Werner Buls, 3rd Cl
  • Sponsorship confirmed – Bajella Bananas
  • June 7-8th 2hr Rennen Zandvoort, n.159, DNF
  • June28-29th Int. ADAC Hansapokal-Rennen, Nurburgring, Werner Buls, 26:04.2min, 6th Cl
  • July 19-20th ADAC Flugplatzrennen Diepholz, n.152, 3rd Cl, 8p DRM
  • August 3rd Osnabrucker ADAC Bergrennen, Werner Buls, 3rd Cl
  • August 16-17th Int Flugplatzrennen Wunstorf, Werner Buls, NC
  • August 30-31st ADAC Westfalen-Pokal-Rennen Zolder, n.98, Werner Buls, 2nd Cl
  • September 28th ADAC Hamburger Rennslalom, Werner Buls, 4th Cl
  • October 4-5th Int ADAC Flugplatzrennen Hohn bei Rendsburg, n.710, Werner Buls, 25:38.7min, 8th OA, 4th Cl
  • October 12th ADAC Hansa-Slalom, Sportflugplatz Agathenburg-Stade, Werner Buls, 1st OA, 1st Cl
  • October 24-26th Int. AvD Rundstreckenrennen Aachen, Zolder, n.87, Werner Buls, 4th Cl



  • May 9-10th Int. AvD Rundstreckenrennen Fassberg, n.157, Hans-H Stahlberg/Werner Buls, DNF
  • Sept 27th ADAC Hamburger Rennslalom, Werner Buls, 5th Cl


  • May 8-9th Int AvD Flugplatzrennen Fassburg, Werner Buls, DNF
  • May 16th PMSC/ADAC Harz Bergpreis, Hannover, n.110, Dieter Meyer, 3rd Cl, 8p DABM – Dieter gets given his first ever race event in a GTA by team boss Hans-H Stahlberg and scores points!
  • May 20th ADAC Travering-Rennen, Bad Oldesloe, n.75, Dieter Meyer, 2nd Cl (GT), 1st Cl (GTS 1.6 class)
  • May 23rd AvD/HFRT Slalom Hamburger Flughafen, Dieter Meyer, 1st Cl
  • May 30th Nordischer ADAC Slalom Travemunde, Dieter Meyer, 1st Cl
  • June 19-20th ADAC Bergrennen Rotenburg an der Fulda, Dieter Meyer, DNS
  • August 14-15th Int. ADAC Flugplatzrennen Wunstorf, n.118, Carten Donnerstag, 2nd Cl
  • Aug 21-22nd Int. ADAC Hessenpreis, Flugplatzrennen Kassel-Calden, Carsten Donnerstag, DNF
  • August 28-29th Int. ADAC Flugplatzrennen Mendig, n.60, Carsten Donnerstag, 17:34.3min, 3rd Cl
  • Septemer 5-6th ADAC Weser-Bergpreis, Carsten Donnerstag, DNF
  • October 30th ADAC 3hr Rennen Nurburgring, Bernd Graf, DNS
  • November 6-7th ADAC Rundstreckenrennen Hockenheim, Bernd Graf, 6th Cl


  • April 3-5th, n174, Josef Huell, DNS
  • April 7th-9th AvD Rundstreckenrennen Bergischer Lowe, Zolder, n.287, Jo Huell, DNA/DNS
  • April 15-16th ADAC Munsterland Pokal Rennen Zandvoort, N.192, Jo Huell, 22 OA practice, DNF
  • April 30th Int. AvD/ISCC Flugplatzrennen Sembach, n.248, Jo Huell, DNF
  • May 11th ADAC Travering Rennen, Bad Oldesloe, Jo Huell, 4th Cl
  • May 13-14th ADAC Junioren Trophy Langenfeld Zandvoort, Jo Huell, 3rd Cl
  • May 20-21st Int. ADAC Rhein-Ruhr-Pokalrennen, Zolder, n.162, Jo Huell, 2nd Cl, 15p DARP
  • May 27-28th Rundstreckenrennen Saarlouis, n.105, Jo Huell, 1st Cl
  • June 10-11th Int. DMV Rheinpokal Rennen Hockenheim, n.56, Jo Heull, 4th Cl, 10p DARP
  • June 17-18th Int. AvD Flugplatzrennen Meinz-Finthen, n.90, Jo Huell, 31:51.7min, 4th Cl, 10p DARP
  • July 1-2nd Int. ADAC Bavaria Rennen Salzburgring, n.16, Jo Huell, 4th Cl
  • July 15-16th Int. ADAC Rundstreckenrennen Ulm, Salsburgring, Jo Huell, 2nd Cl
  • August 5-6th Int. ADAC Norisringrennen Nuernburg, n.36, Jo Huell, 25:25.0min, 1st OA, 20p DARP
  • August 12-13th Int. ADAC Trophy Zandvoort, n.191, Jo Huell, 2nd Cl, 15p DARP
  • August 19-20th Int. ADAC Hessenpreis Flugplatzrennen Kassel-Calden, n.84, Jo Huell, 3rd Cl, 10p DARP
  • September 9-10th Int. Rheinhessisches DMV Flugplatzrennen Mainz Finthen, n.42, 15th OA, 2nd Cl
  • September 16th Int. ADAC Hansa Pokal Rennen, Jyllands Ringen, Jo Huell, 3rd Cl
  • September 23rd AvD/MAC Rundstreckenrennen Hockenheim, n.108, Jo Huell
  • September 30th AvD/ACR Rundstreckenrennen 60mls Zolder, n.231, Jo Huell, 4th Cl
  • October 21st ADAC Saisonabslussrennen, Zolder, Jo Huell, 1st Cl


  • March 23-25th Int AvD/MVBL Rundstreckenrennen Bergischer Lowe, Zolder, DNF
  • April 1st Int ADAC 300km Rennen Nurburgring, n.160, Bernd Graf, Heat 1 – 28th OA, 6th Cl, Heat 2 – DNS
  • April 7-8th ADAC Leinenweber Cup, Rundstreckenrennen Zolder, n.163, Bernd Graf, 6th OA, 3rd Cl
  • April 15-16th Int. AvD.ACR Rundstreckenrennen Radevormwald 60mls Zolder, Bernd Graf, 4th Cl
  • April 21-22nd Int. Rheydter DMV Rundstreckenrennen Zolder, Bernd Graf, NC
  • May 5-6th Int. AvD/ISCC Flugplatzrennen Sembach, n.295, Bernd Graf, DNF – Broken rim on kerb
  • May 12-13trh BAC/AvD Rundstreckenrennen Goldener Bar von Berlin, Avus, 1st Cl
  • May 19-20th Int. ADAC Bavaria-Rennen Salzburgring, Bernd Graf, 3rd Cl, 12p DARP
  • June 9-10th Int. ADAC Rein-Ruhr-Pokal-Rennen, Zolder, Bernd Graf, 7th Cl
  • June 16-17th ADAC Ruhrtal-Pokal-Rennen, Zolder, N.137, Jo Huell, 1st Cl
  • June 30th Int. AvD/HMSC Flugplatzrennen Mainz-Finthen, n.72, Jo Huell, 31:45.4min, 3rd Cl
  • July 14-15th Int ADAC Flugplatzrennen Diepoholz, n.246, Jo Huell, 23:33.29min, 4th Cl
  • August 11-12th DMV Rundstreckenrennen Hessen, Hockenheim, Jo Huell, 1st Cl
  • August 18-19th Int. ADAC Hessenpreis Fulplatz Kassel-Calden, Jo Huell, DNF
  • August 25-26th ADAC Westfalen-Pokal-Rennen, Zolder, n.155, Jo Huell, 46:30.84min, 3rd OA, 1st Cl


  • Converted to 1300 narrow angle, 8V, twinplug, mechanical slide injection engine
  • March 22-24th Int. V. AvD/MVBL Rundstreckenrennen Bergischer Lowe, Zolder, n.179, Dieter Meyer, 1st Cl, 20p DARP
  • April 7th Preis von Hockenheim, n.143, Dieter Meyer, 3rd Cl, 12p DARP
  • Stahlberg Racing secure sponsorship from Medley Bourbon USA Whisky
  • Mai 11-12th Int. AvD/ISCC Flugplatzrennen Sembach, n.107, Dieter Meyer, 1st OA, 1st Cl, 20p DARP
  • May 25-26th Int. BAC/AvD Rundstreckenrennen Goldener Bar von Berlin, Avus, n.114, Dieter Meyer, 2nd Cl
  • 8-9th June Int ADAC Flugplatzrennen Wunstorf, n.122, Dieter Meyer, 1st OA, 1st Cl, 20p DARP
  • June 15-16th Automobiel Rundstrecken Pokal Nurburgring, n.234, Dieter Meyer, Qualifying – 4th OA/1st Cl, Race – fastest lap, 1st OA, 1st Cl, 20p DARP
  • 29-30th June Int. DMV Avus Rennen Berlin, n.35, Dieter Meyer, 1st OA, 1st Cl, 20p DARP
  • August 17-18th Int. ADAC-Hessenpreis, Flugplatzrennen Kassel-Calden, n.81, Dieter Meyer, Qualifying – 1st OA, Race – 24:33.6min, 1st OA, 1st Cl, 20p DARP
  • August 24-25th ADAC Trophy Zandvoort, n.62 Dieter Meyer, Qualifying – 2nd OA, Race – 1st OA, 1st Cl, 20p DARP
  • August 31st Int. Rheinhessisches ADAC Flugplatzrennen Mainz Finthen, n.80, Dieter Meyer, 1st OA, 1st Cl, 20p DARP
  • September 14-15th Int. ADAC Rundstreckenrennen Duren, Zolder, n.155, Dieter Meyer, DNF
  • October 12-13th Int. ADAC SFG Saisonabschlussrennen Zolder, Hans-Peter Joisten Trophy, n.61, Deiter Meyer, DNA/DNS

Dieter Meyer 1974 DARP Champion – 172 points, 1st Overall



  • Converted to 1300 ‘Piccolo’ 16v, single plug, mechanical slide injection engine – Many problems with engine reliability with the new 16v engine in its first year.
  • March 21-23rd Int AvD/MVBL Rundstreckenrennen Bergischer Lowe, Zolder, n.212, Dieter Meyer, DNS
  • April 12-13th AvD Pries von Hockenheim, n.179, Dieter Meyer, DNS
  • May 3-4th Int. AvD/ISCC Flugplatzrennen Sembach, Dieter Meyer, 2nd OA, 15p DARP
  • October 18-19th Int. ADAC Saisonabschluss Rennen Zolder, Hans-Peter Joisten Trophy, n.154, Dr. Michael Bischoff/Dietger Meyer, DNF


  • March 19-20th Int. AvD/MVBL Rundstreckenrennen Bergischer Lowe, Zolder, n.223, Dieter Meyer, 23:38.4, 1st OA, 1st Cl, 20p DARP
  • April 3-4th Int. ADAC Goodyear 300km Rennen, Nurburgring, n.204, Dieter Meyer, 52:46.8min, 5th Cl, 8p DARP
  • April 10-11th Preis von Hockenheim, n.614, Dieter Meyer, NC
1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg - The Fabulous History! 1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg - The Fabulous History! 1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg - The Fabulous History! 1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg - The Fabulous History! 1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg - The Fabulous History! 1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg - The Fabulous History! 1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg - The Fabulous History! 1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg - The Fabulous History! 1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg - The Fabulous History! 1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg - The Fabulous History! 1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg - The Fabulous History! 1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg - The Fabulous History! 1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg - The Fabulous History! 1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg - The Fabulous History! 1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg - The Fabulous History! 1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg - The Fabulous History!