Car Stripped & Parts Catalogued

On hearing that Alfaholics were restoring his 1974 DRP Championship winning car, works Stahlberg driver Dieter Meyer sent us a personally signed copy of the new Alleggerita-Stahlberg Racing book!

1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg Racing Restoration - Car Stripped & Parts Catalogued

The beating 16v heart of the car, in the exact specification it was upgraded to in 1975 by Dieter Meyer/Stahlberg Racing. This Autodelta engine features a special magnesium cast inlet manifold,  guillotine/slide throttles , Spica mechanical fuel injection, a special ultra rare 16v Cosworth developed head, 8 port exhaust manifold, exhaust side water exit rail and and extra deep Autodelta racing magnesium sump set for higher oil capacity

1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg Racing Restoration - Car Stripped & Parts Catalogued

Full Autodelta GTAm/1300 GTA front suspension and vented brake system. The front suspension to has been modified to run a second spring in coil over damper fitment with a titanium main Alfa sized spring. We contacted Dieter to confirm these modifications were his, which he verified.

special full Autodelta GTAM front suspensionbrake system

lightweight GTAM ATE caliper

Rear brake system features special Autodelta only GTAm/1300GTA rear brake discs

Rear suspension converted from Autodelta sliding block to Watts Linkage, we confirmed with Dieter Meyer that he had made this modification himself for the 1975 season.

Original GTA aluminium rear firewall in tact and showing the corners cut out where the Stahlberg installed rollcage passed through into the boot.

With headlining removed we could see that the roof skin is in very nice condition on the inside

roof skin in nice condition

Holes, holes everywhere! Dieter confirmed that all the lightening holes drilled in car were his work during the winter of 1973 as part of a host of performance increasing and weight saving efforts.

holes drilled by Dieter meyer 1973

original GTA radiator x-member drilled D Meyer 1973

holes drilled in gearbox mount D Meyer 1973

Stripped bare and ready to fit on our Celette chassis jig

1965 1600 GTA Corsa ex-Stahlberg  - Car Stripped & Parts Catalogued