Swedish Alfaholics' customer Fredrik Lavesson's superb Giulia Super

Fredrik came to Alfaholics last summer for help, he had put a 1750 engine in his Super whilst retaining a cable clutch, the aluminium flywheel he was using kept breaking clutches. Fredrik then fitted an Alfaholics lightweight steel cable clutch flywheel which solved all problems!

“Last summer my Giulia Super had clutch problems, it broke down three times. Now the car is fitted with Alfaholics Lightweight Steel Cable Clutch Flywheel and the F&S clutch assembly. The flywheel is beautifully machined and with snug fit to the crank and the clutch. Now, after a 1600km the first week after putting all things together I got a different car to drive!”
Fredrik Lavesson – Sweden, Giulia Super -67