Spanish Alfaholics' customer Blas' fantastic rally prepared 2000 GTV competing on the Classic Monte-Carlo Rally

“Hello Max. Just to tell you how pleased I am with your KitB springs. With the 29mm sway bar I had and Bilsteins was the perfect combination for my Rally car. Just the right height, very good in asfalt and superb on ice and snow. I´ll tell all my friends with Bertones to forget Eibach and get suspensions from you! Cheers!” BLAS

Blas had an extremely eventful Monte-Carlo rally in his 2000 GTV, having had terrible luck at the start with a snow storm on his drive out of Spain and a puncture in the first stage, at one stage of the first day he was 228th. By the end of the day he had recovered fantastically to 164th! Over the following days he battled against the terrible ice and snow, even loosing places when a traffic jam occured from spectators blocking the road! On the last day Blas pushed hard feeling very confident with his Alfaholics Kit B Suspension Pack and managed to finish 13th overall on one stage! This left him 93rd overall in the rally, an excellent result for his first Monte-Carlo rally experience!

Congratulations Blas!

“The balance of the car was perfect, the Kit B springs are just firm enough, high enough for ground/snow clearance but low enough for speed. The big sway bar lets the front flat in the corners and allows to control the back with the throttle, the drilled discs with Ferodo 2500 really stop the car too!” BLAS