Robert Paul's fully Alfaholics specc'd Bertone wins outright at Sentul Raceway Indonesia!

Robert approached Alfaholics in the winter of 2008 to supply a complete package of parts to build a fully modified race 1750 GTV to compete in the Indonesian Historic race championship. The race series allows cars from the 60s, 70s and 80s so building a 105 to win outright was going to be tough! Within the regulations, many aspects of the car could be very modified, so the car has been equipped with Alfaholics tubular wishbones, Alfaholics Watts link, Alfaholics adjustable 2 1/4″ spring kit, Alfaholics rose-jointed trackrod kit, Alfaholics 6-pot brake kit & dual circuit adjustable balance box along with a host of other Alfaholics race parts. The engine regulations allowed a more modern engine, but it had to run with only single spark ignition, original rods and to a maximum capacity of 2000cc. To meet these regulations, we built one of our big valve twinspark race engines with our latest extreme cam profile, running on Weber 45mm, but fired it with a single 105 series distributor specially remapped and only single spark ignition, blanking the other 4 plugs off.

The car was immediately quick out of the box, sitting on the front row of the grid at each race, but struggled to beat a very highly tuned 80’s Toyota Corolla, which within the regs could produce nearly 300BHP!

In the 4th race of the season, Robert managed to qualify on pole by an impressive 1.8 seconds, and after a great start consolidated his lead taking the chequered flag by 0.5 seconds from the flying Corolla!

Congatulations Robert!