Long Standing Australian client John Terpu's fully loaded 2000 GTV Race Car

Car restored using all Alfaholics products then upgraded to racing spec with a whole host of Alfaholics Racing products including:-

Alfaholics Race Suspension Pack
GTA Top Arms
Alfaholics Aluminium Crank Pulley
Alfaholics Race Clutch Master Cylinder Conversion
Alfaholics Race Dual Circuit Brake Master Cylinder Conversion
Aluminium T-Bar
Alfaholics Lexan Window Kit
Alfaholics Aluminium GTV Race Radiator
Alfaholics 55 litre Race Fuel Tank
Alfaholics 4-Pot Race Brake Kit
Weber 48 Carbs
Alfaholics Oil Cooler Kit
Alfaholics Race Paddle Clutch Kit
Alfaholics Permanent Magnet Starter Motor
Alfaholics T45 Race Rollcage
Alfaholics Race 50A Alternator
Alfaholics Race Suspension Bush Package etc. etc.