Alfa Romeo GTV – Racecar / Trackdaycar


The Car was build for the race division Corsaitaliana, in Norway and Sweden. I have only used it as a trackdaycar after I built it in the winter 2015. The car is Race ready. Standing in Sweden.

The Body :

Stripped down and used only the most needed parts to get the car assembled. It has lexan windows, except the front window that is the original glass laminated window. Sparco racing seats, with OMP 6pk harness. Wiring in the car has been customized to only needed wires and parts. Batterybox in the back of the car.

The car is painted in black and white.

Suspension :

Front – Coilovers that are adjustable. (have the coilovers for rear to)

Rear – Bilstein.

The setup on the car works really well, on dry asphalt or wet. Some changed must be done to fit new driver, but the setup is a good pointer for every track.

Engine :

The car has a 2.0 TS original engine, to fit the class specifications. Parts an everything is easy to get a hold of, and don’t cost a lot since it’s not modified. Manifold and exhaust is changed

Driveline :

The gearbox is original. Some small changes has been done to the rear axel to get the “right” angle of the wheels.

The car has been working perfectly everytime it has run, no problems at all. It’s fast around corners and are absolutely easy to drive. Parts are easy to come over and no problem for modifying the car some more. Parts that is extra follows the car. Can even send with the compressor kit and injectors that I bought to the car Last year.

If there is any questions or more pictures wanted. Feel free to contact me on the phone or by e-mail. The car is to find in Sweden.

Mobile : +47 950 85 139

Mail : [email protected]

10.900 Euro

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