Alfaholics Magnesium GTA Bellhousing – Cable Clutch Version

£850.00 (ex VAT)

Premium quality Alfaholics production – a perfect copy of an original GTA magnesium bellhousing with all the correct casting marks. Cast using the latest grade of motorsport quality magnesium and supplied complete with cover plate studs installed and finished in a protective black chromate coating (as original). “Alfaholics” logo cast into each bellhousing to distinguish it from an original GTA item.

Alfaholics Autodelta Magnesium Gearbox Tail Case

£1200.00 (ex VAT)

Premium quality Alfaholics production – a perfect copy of the original Autodelta GTA magnesium gearbox tailcase from our Jochen Rindt car. To fit all 105 series gearboxes. All the original casting marks, including the upside-down 105.32 part number, have been incorporated. Cast using the latest grade of motorsport quality magnesium, it is supplied complete with breather plate and speedo drive studs installed and finished in a protective black chromate coating as original. “Alfaholics” logo cast into each bellhousing to distinguish it from an original GTA item.

Alfaholics Autodelta Sliding Block Diff Casing – Aluminium

£1250.00 (ex VAT)

Premium quality Alfaholics production – a perfect copy of an original Autodelta GTA sliding block axle casing. All the original casting details have been observed and incorporated into the new castings. Cast using the latest grade of motorsport quality aluminium.  New pinion bearing housing sleeves precision machined from billet and pre-installed along with all new fixing studs for side tubes, sump and handbrake mechanism. Alfaholics logo cast into each item to allow future identification between our part and original items. This is the small housing size for use with small crownwheel & pinion & bearings, not GTV sized parts. If […]

Alfaholics Autodelta Sliding Block Diff Case – Magnesium

£1500.00 (ex VAT)

Premium quality Alfaholics production. As above but cast using the latest motorsport grade magnesium designed for use in stressed suspension applications.

Alfaholics 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox Conversion

£6395.00 (ex VAT)

Developed exclusively in conjunction with the UK’s leading motorsport transmission specialists, Quaife Engineering. This kit is a direct fit to all 105 series Alfa Romeos and uses the original bellhousing and clutch set up. We have a developed a bespoke gear ratio set with a 2.4:1 first gear, running through to a 0.889:1 6th gear, with the result that there is no need to change the standard Alfa rear axle ratio. Other ratio sets are available by special order. The kit is supplied as standard with a gearlever for manual shifting.  An optional ECU-controlled semi-automatic paddle shift system is available, […]

Alfaholics Semi-Automatic Gearchange Kit

£4135.00 (ex VAT)

Designed for use with the Alfaholics 6-speed sequential gearbox. This kit allows full throttle clutchless upshifts and clutchless downshifts with throttle blipping to match engine revs to gear speed. The system incorporates the very latest ‘closed-loop’ software using an ECU in conjunction with feedback sensors to modify its own operation in response to the sensor inputs, all in real-time. It uses these sensors to monitor the gear position sensor to determine if and when a shift has been successfully completed. This information is fed back to the ECU so that the pneumatic actuator, engine torque reduction or throttle blip can […]

Alfaholics Front Propshaft for 6-Speed Sequential Conversion

£495.00 (ex VAT)

Front propshaft conversion to use in conjunction with the Alfaholics 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox

Alfaholics Crown Wheel & Pinion Sets

£895.00 (ex VAT)

New premium quality Alfaholics production, manufactured in the UK to the very highest quality and exacting tolerances. We have taken the opportunity to improve the tooth cut profile for increased strength over the original cut used by Alfa. These crown wheel and pinion sets are available in the small 1300/1600/1750 size in 5.8, 5.3 & 4.3 ratios. Optimum performance can be achieved by fitting in conjunction with our Alfaholics Limited Slip Racing Differential. The 5.3 & 5.8 ratios are for intended for circuit racing, whilst the 4.3 option is the optimum ratio for fast road and trackday cars. By using […]

New Alfaholics Racing Differential

£725.00 (ex VAT)

Superb new production, manufactured exclusively in the UK for Alfaholics by a state of the art limited slip diff manufacturer. These new diffs represent a huge leap forward in design over our old Gripper units. The old Gripper units used a basic uncoated steel friction plate design and, as a result, necessitated a very high preload setting in order to achieve the levels of friction required in a race diff. The new Alfaholics racing diff uses the same copper sintered friction plate design as developed by leading World Rally Car teams – M-Sport Ford and Prodrive Subaru. This high-friction coating […]


Alfaholics Race Halfshaft – Solid

£345.00 (ex VAT)

New design, premium quality and ultra strong. Available in both 25 spline ‘GT Junior’ and 27 spine ‘GTV’ sizes. These halfshafts feature a built in lock ring for the wheel bearing, making wheel bearing changes far simpler than ever possible with standard Alfa shafts. The end flange is scalloped for a useful weight saving.

Alfaholics Race Halfshaft – Rifle Drilled

£459.95 (ex VAT)

As above shaft but rifle drilled, reducing weight by 0.8KG per shaft – 1.6KG total reducing in unsprung and rotational weight per axle! Available in 25 spline ‘GT Junior’ and 27 spline ‘GTV’ sizes

Alfaholics Premium Quality Synchromesh Rings

£99.95 (ex VAT)

New production – exclusive to Alfaholics.  We chose to manufacture these new premium quality synchro rings due to the continuing issues with the reproduction rings currently available on the market.  It is common knowledge among Alfa racers round the world that the reproduction rings are not made to the correct tolerances and this leads to baulked gearchanges and premature molybdenum coating wear, particularly noticeable during track and fast road use.  Until now there has been no solution to the problem, as only the standard reproduction rings have been available. Up until 10 years ago when the genuine Alfa synchro rings […]

Alfaholics Premium Quality Synchromesh Sleeve

£129.95 (ex VAT)

New production – exclusive to Alfaholics.  We chose to manufacture these new premium quality synchro sleeves due to the availability of new original Alfa synchro sleeves finally ceasing in 2012. When this happened, we tried first to source the already available reproduction sleeves to try them out. When they arrived we noticed an obvious difference in tooth profile which made the rings hard to slide in and out of the sleeves on the bench. During driving, gear baulking, not dissimilar to using the cheap reproduction synchro rings was observed. At this point we knew that we had no option but […]

Alfaholics GTA Close Ratio Gear Kit

£3250.00 (ex VAT)

This superb GTA close ratio gear kit has been manufactured exclusively for us by the UK’s leading transmission manufacturer, Quaife Engineering. Unlike any other kit on the market, we have directly copied an original GTA gear kit. As a result, the gears are not only scooped, but they are also drilled for further weight saving, just as original GTA gears. The layshaft is rifle drilled, as original, for further weight reduction. All these weight savings and consequently reduced inertia, result in a gearbox with a lightning fast shift speed both up and down the ratios. Not only does this mean […]


Alfaholics GTA Close Ratio Gear Kit – REM Superfinished

£3595.00 (ex VAT)

As per above kit but put through a final REM Superfinish process. This process polishes the surfaces of the components at a particle level resulting in a super smooth chrome appearance finish. This finish results in the oil getting worked less hard inside the box resulting in reduced frictional losses – the result of this is a nett gain of BHP at the rear wheels.

Alfaholics Full Race Paddle Clutch Kit

£950.00 (ex VAT)

Extremely lightweight billet CNC machined flat flywheel manufactured from very high tensile EN24T steel. Weighs only 4.8 kgs including ring gear! AP Racing’s latest technology billet aluminium black anodised pressure plate weighing an amazing 1.2kgs, 4-paddle cera-metallic friction plate, premium quality round nose release bearing and bespoke Alfaholics manufactured billet machined aluminium release bearing carrier to adapt to fit directly to either Alfa Romeo hydraulic clutch fork and bell-housing or cable operated clutch – please specify when ordering. We chose to use a single plate 4-paddle cera-metallic plate set up as it allows much more clutch pedal feel than a […]

Alfaholics Fast Road/Rally Paddle Clutch Kit

£895.00 (ex VAT)

As per above kit but using a special high performance organic friction material applied to a sprung drive plate centre. This kit combines the superb fast engine response only possible with a race style clutch, with the everyday driving practicalities of an OE fitment organic clutch. This kit has been developed specifically for our Alfa application and we have been testing it for the complete summer in Andrew’s TI Super-R. We are thrilled with the results, it is the perfect balance for fast road/trackday cars and rally cars. This kit comes complete and is ready to bolt directly to your Alfa Romeo. Flywheel available […]

Sport Clutch Kit – Standard Fitment

£320.00 (ex VAT)

Sachs Rally Sport Clutch kit for fitment to standard/lightweight flywheels, direct replacement for 105 unit. Lightened friction plate with higher spec material wih genuine F&S cover. Available for cable and hydraulic clutch applications.

Lightweight Steel 8 Bolt Flywheel

£325.00 (ex VAT)

Allows engine to spin up and rev much more responsively, improving gearshift speeds. Alfaholics production, CNC machined from solid billet EN24T high tensile steel. To fit 1300/1600/1750cc crank with 8 bolt fitment and hydraulic clutch. Beautifully machined and drilled to save weight and let clutch dust out – only 6.35kgs.

Lightweight Steel 6 Bolt Flywheel

£325.00 (ex VAT)

Allows engine to spin up and rev much more responsively, improving gearshift speeds. Alfaholics production, CNC machined from solid billet EN24T high tensile steel. To fit 2000 crank with 6 bolt fitment and hydraulic clutch. Beautifully machined and drilled to save weight and let clutch dust out – only 6.1kgs

Lightweight Steel Cable Clutch Flywheel

£325.00 (ex VAT)

As above but for cable clutch fitment. Available for both 6 bolt or 8 bolt crank fitment. Correct cable bell-housing sized 105T ring gear fitted for 8T starter. ”Last summer my Giulia Super had clutch problems, it broke down three times. Now the car is fitted with Alfaholics Lightweight Steel Cable Clutch Flywheel and the F&S clutch assembly. The flywheel is beautifully machined and with snug fit to the crank and the clutch. Now, after a 1600km the first week after putting all things together I got a different car to drive!” Fredrik Lavesson

Alfaholics Race Propshaft Conversion – FRONT ONLY – 105 Series

£495.00 (ex VAT)

For years the rubber front propshaft coupling (doughnut) has caused racers huge headaches and retirements from races. Doughnut distortion is caused by high centrifugal forces developed at high speeds. This causes the propshaft bush and gearbox mainshaft ball to wear unevenly and consequently the propshaft spins like a skipping rope and the doughnut itself starts opening out, EVEN when using a GTA doughnut cage. Symptoms range from vibrations which lead to broken clutches and bellhousings, right through to the doughnut exploding which can cause huge damage to the drivetrain and tunnel. We have developed this superb system to eliminate any […]

Alfaholics Rear Propshaft Section

£325.00 (ex VAT)

Exclusively manufactured for Alfaholics to exacting tolerances. Most rear propshafts have had many UJ changes in their life and as a result can often have damaged UJ housings, this means that even with new UJs vibrations can still occur due to end float in the UJ housings which is beyond shimming out. The sliding joint is also another area for wear on an original unit that of course cannot ever be repaired. As a result of these 2 major factors we no longer use rebuilt rear propshafts in our workshop, fitting only our brand new unit for 100% perfect results […]

Alfaholics Race Propshaft Conversion – FULL LENGTH – 105 Series

£650.00/750.00 (ex VAT)

Ultra lightweight full length race-spec propshaft – just 7.9kg total weight including the heavy duty centre support! Manufactured exclusively for Alfaholics by Formula 1’s choice balancing company using race-grade ultra stiff 2″ diameter tube and fitted with 3 heavy duty race UJs. The UJs are also scalloped for additional weight saving. Once manufactured, the entire unit is balanced to 10,000rpm to ensure perfect balance at all speeds that it will experience in use.  It is worth remembering that all 105 series gearboxes run an overdrive 5th gear so the propshaft can spin somewhat faster than engine speed!  Those with experience […]


Alfaholics Race Clutch Master Cylinder Conversion Kit

£185.00 (ex VAT)

This kit is designed to convert RHD cars to fit a racing clutch master cylinder. It is perfectly suited to both road and circuit use. Fits directly to original chassis points, uses original mounting bolts, requires no additional fabrication or drilling. Can also be used to convert cable clutch cars to hydraulic set up. This kit has several main advantages over the original Alfa set up:- 1. Quality of master cylinder is superior to reproduction Alfa unit. 2. Cost of replacement master cylinder nearly half that of reproduction Alfa unit. 3. Master cylinders available locally wordwide. 4. Master cylinders extremely […]

Braided Clutch Flexi Hose

£24.50 (ex VAT)

Direct replacement for rubber hose from engine cross member to slave cylinder. Features swivel end for ease of fitment.

Alfaholics Competition Axle Units

£POA (ex VAT)

We offer full built axles for your trackday or competition car. With our guidance you can chose the ratio of your choice and have it built up into an axle using our competition LSD unit (in either trackday or race setting) with all brand new bearings, carefully shimmed and ready to fit into your car. This service is offered on exchange for your old axle, but outright purchases without exchange may also be possible in some circumstances.

Alfa LSD Slip Plates

£50.00 each (ex VAT)

Increase the limited slip action on your Alfa ZF type limited slip by fitting these extra slip plates in LSD unit. Fitted in pairs, to replace a pair of standard spacer plates.

Heavy duty propshaft centre support

£45.00 (ex VAT)

Highly recommended for cars with increased power output.

Propshaft front coupling – Doughnut – Heavy Duty

£45.00 (ex VAT)

Heavy duty version for fast road and trackday cars. For race cars see our race propshaft cnversion under Race & Performance ‘Transmission’ section

Premium Quality Propshaft Centre Support Bearing

£21.00 (ex VAT)

Premium quality bearing to increase longevity and reliability.

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