Fuel System


Alfaholics GTA-R Fuel Injection Pump Assembly

£350.00 (ex VAT)

Complete kit of race quality parts for plumbing throttle body fuel injection systems; fuel pump, pump mount, fuel filter and adjustable fuel pressure regulator. This kit can be used in conjunction with our billet Twinspark throttle body assembly, or other aftermarket kits. Each component is fitted with -6 JIC unions to allow the use of race quality screw fit fuel lines. The regulator has a 3rd port for plumbing directly back to the tank as the return line, thus allowing the fuel rail to be single ended to save weight and reduce fuel line plumbing length.

As fitted to all our injected GTA-R builds.

Weber 45 DCOE 152

£295.00 (ex VAT)

Now available again, proper new 45 DCOE carburettors, not remade DCOW

Weber 48 DCO SP

£370.00 (ex VAT)

Now finally available again! Proper Weber 48, not reproduction DCOW.

Alfaholics Weber Throttle Return Spring Kit

£14.95 (ex VAT)

Alfaholics production, superb quality, laser cut and jig profiled. Finished in best quality plating and supplied with spring. Direct fitment for all Weber carbs, easy modification to fit Dellorto.

Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Line Kit

£49.95 (ex VAT)

Premium quality 3 piece fuel line kit bespoke made for Alfaholics. For electric fuel pump equipped cars: Fits from fuel line on chassis leg to fuel pressure regulator/filter unit, from filter unit up to front carburettor and front carburettor to rear carburettor.

25 Litre Sprint Race Fuel Tank

£355.00 (ex VAT)

Made exclusively for Alfaholics with superb design and manufacture. This 25 litre tank fits is the spare wheel well of all 105 series and 116 series cars, featuring a domed base. This makes it superb for LHD cars to even out the weight distribution in the car, allowing it to be corner weighted with far greater precision.

Alfaholics 55 Litre Rally/Trackday Fuel Tank

£575.00 (ex VAT)

The original and best foam filled aluminium tank for 105 Series Alfa Romeo – not to be confused with inferior copies! Made exclusively for Alfaholics to the highest standard of design and manufacture and filled with race grade baffling foam. Fits centrally between shock absorber mounts for optimum weight distribution and safety. By designing the fuel tank with the collector pot on the left, it allows the spare wheel well to be used, making it perfect for rally and trackday cars. This has the added advantage of allowing you to use the bottom half of an original fuel tank to […]

Alfaholics 55 Litre Rally/Trackday Fuel Tank – Giulia Saloon Version

£575.00 (ex VAT)

As above 55 litre tank for GT, but with integrated filler neck and splash tray making it perfect for fitment to Giulia Saloon & Spider models. Additional Options VDO dip pipe sender – £72.00 VDO Gauge – £48.00

Fibreglass 1/2 Fuel Tank

£120.00 (ex VAT)

Premium quality Alfaholics Production. Lightweight 1/2 tank, perfect for use with our 55 litre fuel tank above. Can be used as a sump for mounting fuel pump, filter & pressure regulator and also acts very well to stop air getting trapped in the rear panel and slowing the car down on fast straights.

Alfaholics 57 Litre Race Fuel Tank

£575.00 (ex VAT)

Fully foam filled aluminium tank perfect for 1 hour racing. Made exclusively for Alfaholics to the highest standard of design and manufacture. Not to be confused with other items available. Fits centrally between shock absorber mounts for best weight distribution through out the race and safety. Identical to above tank but without spare wheel wheel cut out and right hand collector for the spare wheel well side. This then allows an extra large rear silencer to be fitted for certain race cars where noise levels are critical. Supplied complete with one way breather valve, remote filler, neck pipe, Jubilee clips […]

Alfaholics 55 Litre Fuel Safety Cell – Spare Wheel Well Fitment

£3495.00 (ex VAT)

55 litre foam filled kevlar safety cell. Designed and manufactured exclusively for Alfaholics to fit our flat bottomed aluminium spare wheel well which is available separately. Approved to FIA FT3-1999 Standard. This cell was designed using 3D CAD software to  map the shape of our wheel well exactly. By using our deep flat bottomed well it has been possible to get a far greater capacity than is typically possible into this space whilst finishing flush with the boot floor for ease of installation and maximising the centre of gravity benefits. The cell comes complete with FIA safety foam, internal collectors […]

Aluminium Spare Wheel Well – Race Version

£895.00 (ex VAT)

Deep wheel well as per 1300 GTA but with dome removed from bottom. For use with our 55 litre FIA fuel safety cell.

Alfaholics 100 Litre Fuel Safety Cell – FIA Approved – to fit 105 Coupe & Saloon

£3795.00 (ex VAT)

100 litre foam filled kevlar safety cell, designed and manufactured exclusively for Alfaholics. Approved to FIA FT3-1999 Standard. This cell was designed using 3D CAD software to completely map the inside boot area of a 105 series Alfa Romeo. From this CAD data we then designed the cell to sit in the boot floor, shelf and spare wheel area with the tightest fit. The layout and shape of the cell has been optimised for optimum weight distribution and practicality whilst remaining in the constraints of the volume of the cell and the shape of the boot area. The tank sits […]

Facet Red Top Electric Fuel Pump

£87.50 (ex VAT)

Works specification, for naturally aspirated engines fitted with carburettors. Premium quality, 35 gallon/hr pumping capacity, 6.5-7.25 psi. For up to 200+ bhp fast road or racing engines. Kit includes pump, elbow joints, rubber shock mount bushes, earth wire and spare filter. Fit the best! (Fit with fuel pressure regulator/ filter assembly below)

Fuel Pressure Regulator & Filter

£72.00 (ex VAT)

The ultimate fuel pressure regulator. This integrated fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter features a removable pressure gauge enabling accurate fuel pressure metering. It features an aluminium bowl for increased safety and filters the fuel without restriction. Gauge removal recommended when pressure set. Kit includes filter unit, gauge and mounting bolts.

Fuel Pump Blanking Plate

£9.95 (ex VAT)

Alfaholics production, laser cut blanking plate for blanking off block when using an electric fuel pump