GTA Engine Parts

Alfaholics GTA Race Engines

£POA (ex VAT)

Alfaholics can provide both 1300 and 1600 GTA engines in either fast road/rally or full race specification. Engines can be built to comply with FIA App.K regulations or alternatively fully modified rallying or racing. We can start with an existing engine, if supplied, or we can build an engine from scratch with all new components, as we have done with the engine shown here. 180BHP FIA App.K 1600 GTA race engine, built with all new Alfaholics parts

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GTA Cylinder Head

£4750.00 (ex VAT)

New production cast and machined GTA cylinder head.

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Alfaholics Production Of Autodelta Race Cams

£625.00 (ex VAT)

Faithful copy of original Autodelta 10.5mm lift race cams as found in period Autodelta built GTA engines, copied from genuine original Autodelta cams. These cams will not give the performance/driveability of our modern profile cams, but for those doing a period correct restoration of Autodelta cars, these cams are a must!

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GTA Magnesium Cam Cover

£695.00 (ex VAT)

Premium quality Alfaholics production. We have made this cam cover due to other productions being merely magnesium copies of standard aluminium cam covers, thus not having the correct shape detail. To manufacture this cam cover, we have copied a genuine 1st series GTA cam cover from one of our Autodelta cars to ensure perfect accuracy. Beautifully sand cast with rounded (rather than very sharp) script to look authentic and unidentifiable from original.

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Alfaholics 1300 GTA Crankshaft

£2750.00 (ex VAT)

Manufactured exclusively for Alfaholics and developed using the very latest knowledge in crank design to run safely at over 10,000 rpm! Oil feed to bearings was a common problem with factory 1300 GTA cranks, with many engines throwing rods due to a combination of poor oil gallery and counter weight design. The oil gallery design has been greatly improved to provide better oil flow to the bearings at high revs. The counterweights have been optimised, both in terms of mass and design, to ensure that the piston and rod assembly is accurately counterweighted all the way to over 10,000 rpm. The crank is supplied super finished to reduce frictional losses.

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Magnesium GTA Upper Sump Pan

£POA (ex VAT)

Correct deep version magnesium upper sump pan

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Magnesium GTA Lower Sump Pan

£POA (ex VAT)

Superb quality production, very lightweight!

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Autodelta 1600 GTA Oil Catch Tank

£375.00 (ex VAT)

Beautiful quality Alfaholics production. Copied directly from the original part fitted to our 1966 Autodelta Team car.  Finished in high quality black powder coating.

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GTA Bendix Fuel Pump Sticker

£6.95 (ex VAT)

Alfaholics production, original GTA Bendix fuel pump sticker.

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GTA Oil Filler Cap

£110.00 (ex VAT)

Correct GTA style oil filler cap. Built in swivel top breather pipe to connect to oil catch tank. A must for high revving race 105 series engines to allow the engine to breath effiently. Special trap type entrance to breather to prevent excess amounts of oil being breathed as it comes off the chain.

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GTA Oil Pump Shaft

£225.00 (ex VAT)

Premium quality Alfaholics production. This shaft has been designed to fit the new high quality reproduction 105 GTV high capacity oil pumps that we stock. By using this shaft, any engine can be converted easily to run the GTA twin plug distributor. It is also ideal for use on racing GTAs, since it allows a GTV sump to be used in conjunction with the high capacity GTV oil pump. Not only does this mean increased oil flow due to the longer gear pump, but it also results in increased ground clearance, since GTV sumps are shallower than GTA magnesium ones. […]

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GTA Curved Rampipe Set

£260.00 (ex VAT)

Complete with base plate and locking rings.

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GTA Curved Rampipe Fastening Ring

£5.00 (ex VAT)

Spare fastening ring for GTA curved rampipe.

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