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Giuliettaletta Spring 2013 – Alfaholics Restoration of SZ Coda Tronca #197

Article reproduced with permission of The Giulietta Register

Octane – Alfaholics GTA-R: 9 Page Review – December 2012

echappement classic

Alfaholics recently appeared in the renowned French publication ‘echappement classic’ in their article on Antionne Lanni’s 1966 GT Junior during the ‘Sprint GT Challenge’

Dep-O: Alfaholics Production GTA Replica Article – 2011

Words by Simon Charlesworth, photography by Gerard Hughes

Alfa-Addiction – 2008

Robert Petersson visits one of the world’s leading Alfa-specialists and drives a classic roadracer with Porsche performance. Text and photos by Robert Petersson – Auto, Motor & Sport, Sweden. It was supposed to be easy to find Alfaholics, but… ”Go to Bristol, then take the M5 South and in just over an hour after Bristol you’ll be there…” Sure, but it took a full page of hand-written instructions to get through the last few miles. ”Go past dirty Devon farm, turn right after a green barn, and when you’re going downhill over a field, you’ve arrived…”. Not that I hadMore...

Carburetti – Alfa 105.25 – 2007

Stunning location and photography!

Retro Cars: Modifying Your 105 Series Alfa – 2006

Interview with Max Banks and photography of his GTA Replica road car

Carburetti – Enkel Magi, Legenden Alfa GTA – 2006

Words by Christer Lundem, photos by Gaute Gjol Dahle

Classic Cars: Bright Spark – 2002

Thrashing someone else's car can be a nerve-racking experience. Especially when the someone else is sitting so close you can practically feel his breath on your skin

EVO: Bloodlust – 2002

Alfa Romeo's talent for building truly rewarding driver's cars peaked somewhere in the mid-to-late '60s.

Supercar Classics: Class of 66 – 1987

1966 was a very good time for Alfa Romeo, a very good time indeed...

Classic Cars: Alfa-Romeo Twin-Cam – 2002

What makes a great engine? Above all, it must showcase its creators' ingenuity and enthusiasm, and do its job with more than mere utility

Richard Banks: The Restorer Speaks – 1985

Richard Banks has been rejuvenating 105 Alfas since the late seventies, and reckons the biggest restoration problem with these cars is rogue Alfa restorers

Quadrifoglio: An Old Alfa Never Dies – 1986

Richard Banks, an Alfa specialist, forecasts a bright future for the Giulia Sprint

BBC Top Gear Magazine

Alfaholics GTA-Rs feature in Top Gear’s Top 10 Modernised Classics, along with Singer Porsche and the Eagle Speedster!