Alfaholics 101 Veloce FIA Approved Safety Cell

The ultimate race fuel tank to fit all 101 Series Alfa Romeos! Designed by Alfaholics and manufactured to FIA FT3-1999 Standard. The external profile is an exact copy of an original Veloce fuel tank, but made from lightweight aluminium which serves as the casing for the FIA approved kevlar safety cell, filled with FIA specification foam. This allows the tank to be fitted to all 101 Series Sprint, SS/SZ Alfa Romeo using the original mounting straps. The tank features twin internal pumps which are fed from a special ‘anti-surge’ trap door collector box, whilst internal cross over plumbing allows a single fuel outlet fitting. The pumps are independently wired so that they can be separately switched for full redundancy, especially useful in endurance racing. The neck features an aero cap and is situated in the original position inside the boot. Just inside the neck port of the tank a special flap valve is installed to prevent fuel exiting the tank in the event of a severe rear impact. Supplied complete with VDO dip pipe sender.

Price: £3895.00

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